Jay Smoove


Joshua “Jay Smoove” Jackson wasn’t always what you would call a people’s person. Growing up on the east side of South Central LA, the rapper Jay Smoove had an absent father, and lost his mother at an early age which left him without a role model. Jay Smoove later moved to the West Side with his grandmother and two younger brothers. Jay Smoove started to rap in middle school, however he didn’t take it seriously. His dreams were to play basketball professionally. He tried to not be surrounded by negativity; therefore, he transferred to Inglewood High School. He did well in school. With all of his positive thinking after graduation things took a turn. A new era began: The TATTOO ERA. After being a member of A2i, Jay Smoove started his own brand Inkedup, which is now buzzing in the streets. CEO JaySmoove built his team based upon the foundation of loyalty and respect. After the team was in place, the CEO focused on taking his rap career to the next level. While doing shows in Hollywood with KingRyan Events, a lot of offers were placed on the table. However, he didn’t rush into anything. At the end of 2011, Jay Smoove ran in to a club promoter/manager, who then later introduced to more clubs in Hollywood Jay Smoove has been grinding and working hard ever since.Jay Smoove is also featured on the “We Running The West” compilation album on iTunes now. Jay Smoove’s dream is like a puzzle that is all coming together to reveal an astonishing picture. JaySmoove has done shows all around Hollywood to which contributed to him becoming the best live performer of the year four times in a row 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.Jay Smoove quotes, “If you keep God first, ANYTHING is possible!”

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