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Keaton “Flyte” Shaheen is an individual in every sense of the word. Flyte has a uniqueness to him that carries strongly through his music. He has been inspired by artists such as Immortal Technique, Joe Budden, Mac Miller, Mos Def, and Eminem. Flyte’s audience without a doubt can hear the lyricism within his music. Signing a major distribution deal with UMGD/Wealth Nation in the fall of 2013, Flyte is on his way to the top. Flyte dropped his first collaboration mixtape with 2 other artists (C. Stacks and Brooks) titled “Wood Ridge Lane” in the winter of 2012, which ended up on the front page of DatPiff. The following year, he dropped his first solo mixtape titled “The Higher Road” in the fall of 2013.Born in Cleveland, Ohio but raised in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, Flyte began his music aspirations when he was 12 years old. Watching his older brother deal with life situations brought Flyte closer to music. “Music (rap/hiphop especially) has always been my love, passion and personal outlet. Once I realized this was who I am, I couldn’t focus on anything other than creating music, writing raps, and just being music.” By incorporating his passion into his music, Flyte makes his songs relatable, inspiring, and enjoyable for everyone.

Currently a high school senior, 18 year old Flyte is headed straight to the top. He plans to release albums after albums, like racks on top of racks, with a positive impact that will one day change the world. As for 2014, Flyte is blowing up after his debut single “What’s Unknown” ft. Arisa Yoon which released on Tuesday, February 25th, along with a music video on VEVO following the release. Given the name Flyte by his peers in 6th grade, he knew he has always been Flyte… he has just has been waiting on the “right” moment to blast off!