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KASHA fav pic 1At the age of five, when most little girls are just dreaming of being the new Whitney Houston, Singer/songwriter Kasha was making it happen. When she was five, Brooklyn native, Kasha was singing in her church and glee choir throughout her elementary and junior high. Aside from singing and dancing, she liked skating and doing hair. She started vocal lessons at the age of six and took dance lessons at the age of 4 up to the age of 13 along with piano lessons. Her mother, who was a teacher and vocal trainer at the time, was a big inspiration to Kasha when she was young; it was because of her that Kasha decided to become a star.

At the age of 14, Kasha’s mom, the backbone of her family and the inspiration for Kasha’s music, passed away. Kasha’s older sister Tamiko stepped up to the plate and took care of Kasha and her brother, from that moment on. Her sister made sure both Kasha and her brother stayed on the straight path and guided them through their lives until they were adults. Kasha fell into a deep depression from the death of her mother and as she put it, “Everything just slowed down. I had to really find myself at the age of 14”. Her mother was everything to her not only in her everyday life but musically as well. It took a while to get back in the swing of things, but this tragedy only strengthened Kasha’s dream of becoming a singer and when she was 15 she started her long journey to achieving her goals – taking every step with her mother in her heart and soul. At 16, she knew she had to educate herself about the music industry and that’s exactly what she did. She went to the library and read up on trademarks, copyrights and all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music business. She became a member of ASCAP and would attend weekly meetings to further her education of the music industry. She now has her own publishing and writers at ASCAP as a result.

She was featured in “Men’s World Magazine” for the months of November and December 2011. Kasha was a featured artist in “New York Beacon Newspaper”, in 2011. She also performed live on Bronxnet Studios – cablevision Channel 67 and Verizon Fios Channel 33. Kasha also was invited to do many newspaper, magazine and radio interviews. Kasha released her new single “I Want You”, in 2012, produced by mark Wilson, with a planned remix release. The 2013 Grammy Nominated producer, Todd Terry, remixed the single “I Want You” which put Kasha on the map and on the path to reaching her goals. Kasha single was aired on WBLS FM by DJ Kevin Hedge, and DJ Louie Vega.

Kasha was featured in “Star Magazine” as “Best Unsigned Artist of the Month”, September 2013. She was also featured in “Hype Magazine”, October 2013. And more major interviews coming for 2014.
Kasha’s single “Hero” put her on the National Charts for fourteen consecutive weeks in 2013. “Hero”, is an up lifting and positive song that has a happy vibe that will brighten up your day. “Hero” hit the Top 50 charts, in its 1st week and Top 40 by its 3rd week on national radio, with thousands of plays backing the success of this single.

Kasha is currently signed with Fontana / Universal Music Group Distribution and her new single, ‘’I Want You’’, has taken the world by storm. “I Want You is now available on iTUNES, Google Play, AmazonMP3, Amazon-on-Demand, Nokia, Rhapsody, eMusic, Sony Music Unlimited, Iheartradio, Spotify, Muve Music, Shazam, Simfy, Gracenote, Rdio, Verve Life, xBox Music, Median, Deezel, Myspace Music, Wimp and everywhere music is sold. Kasha is building a brand that will be around for years to come. Kasha is currently signed to her own label “Kasha Entertainment LLC” but is currently in negotiation for a major record deal. As she quotes, “Anything is possible”.